Success Stories at Sunflower Children's Hospice

Success Stories at Sunflower Children's Hospice

Kamohelo Seboko came to the Sunflower House on the 6th of December 2010.

Kamohelo had a condition that made him unable to go to the bathroom. He had a colostomy, which had to be cleaned once in a while. He was a quiet and shy boy at first. But the sisters and caretakers noticed very soon that he was quite bright.

Kamohelo was unable to go to school, because of his condition. But he really wanted to go to school, so the sisters of the Sunflower House decided that it was time he learned to clean the colostomy himself.

It didn’t take long before he could independently clean the colostomy and he did it on a daily basis.

But after a while, the caretakers noticed a funny thing in the kitchen. There where cups going missing. They didn’t know how it happened, so they didn’t think of it anymore. Two weeks passed and all of a sudden they realized there was only one cup left in the cupboard, the rest of them where all gone.

The sisters contacted all the volunteers, called every caretaker, but no one knew what happened. So that night, they decided to look who was taking the cups. Turns out, little Kamohelo used them to clean out his colostomy. But he realized they where dirty afterwards, so he neatly deposited them in the garbage bag.

Everyone had a good laugh about it and now we have a nice set of new cups!

Kamohelo started going to school and he was performing very well. He went to Universitas and they closed his colostomy. From that day on, Kamohelo was able to go to the toilet properly. They managed to do it by bowel irrigation.

He kept performing very well at school and he loved going.

On the 8th of January 2013, when Kamohelo was fully healed he was discharged from the Sunflower House. We had a small goodbye party and at the end of the year we heard that Kamohelo passed all his subjects with great distinction.

He is now happily living with his aunt and going to a normal school.

Mpho Dibi joined the children of the Sunflower House on the 5th of October in 2007.

Mpho was very ill, she had TB meningitis and she was HIV positive.

The Sunflower House started taking care of her because of her illness and because she was an orphan.

When Mpho was talking to the sisters and caretakers she was always very enthusiastic. She would speak so fast, no one could understand what she was saying. Everyone had to tell her she had to speak slower.

But she didn’t mind, she was telling the children and the staff everything that happened that day. Mpho couldn’t read or write, so telling about her day was all she had, the staff thought.

Or maybe she had something else in mind?

The first function on the morning after her arrival, Mpho started singing and crying and letting her heart out. Her voice was so beautiful and her songs where so spontaneous it made the staff cry.

Little Mpho was blessing all the children, praying for them and making them laugh.

From that day one, not a day passed without a song or two from Mpho. And even though she was sick herself, she prayed for all the children, touching there head, hoping they would get better.

Mpho left the Sunflower House on the 12th of January 2009, but she is still in the program and Olga and Sister Lekhu are visiting her every few months.

Thabo Rathebe came to the Sunflower Hospice on the 1st of March 2010.

When Thabo arrived he was in a very poor condition and comatose. He suffered from mdr TB, meningitis and pneumonia. Apart from that he was also HIV positive.

The situation wasn’t looking good at all, but Thabo was a fighter. He wanted to heal and run around again. At first the progress was very slow. He woke up from the coma and learned how to speak again. Thanks to the care and compassion of Sister Müller and the caretakers he slowly started healing.

A regular TB treatment takes six months, but the treatment for mdr TB takes up to two years.

During his treatment, Thabo had to take 16 pills in the morning for the mdr TB alone. The Sisters decided to grind them and pour them in a mixture with water, so it would be easier for him to take.

On a certain morning, Thabo refused to take his medication. Sister Müller said: “You have to take it so you can get better!”. But Thabo still didn’t want to take his medicine. “You try it.” he said to Sister Müller. “Just take your medicines Thabo.” replied Sister Müller.

Thabo took the cup with medicine, took a sip and spit it out almost immediately while shouting: “Sister Müller! Did you taste it? It’s BAIE bitter!”. Sister Müller just couldn’t resist laughing a bit and she explained him that it was important to take his medicine.

He eventually realized that taking his medicine was good for him, even when it was a bit bitter. So from that day on he stopped complaining and in the end he healed. He even got an operation for his legs so he could walk again.

The weeks before he left Thabo was running around and jumping on the playground of the Sunflower House and in the bedrooms. Up until now, Thabo still remembers a lot of the names of the caretakers and Sisters. And he is very grateful for the help he got.

Thabo was discharged on the 24th of March 2012.

This is the story of Lerato Modise.

Lerato arrived in the Sunflower House in winter on the 19th of December 2009.
When Lerato arrived she was 16 months old and weighing below 3kg. She wasn’t given much chance of survival. Her arms and legs where incredibly thin and she could barely move.

Sister Semppe was very worried and decided to take her to the hospital. There a doctor said there was nothing he could do.

She was very malnourished and there was not much chance of survival.
The Sisters decided to make a mixture of milk, sugar, oil and water to feed it. It wasn’t easy because Lerato couldn’t take a lot of food at once. So the entire day long with a pause of a few minutes, Sister Müller was feeding Lerato with a syringe.

The mixture really worked and wonder by wonder she started recovering. When she left the Sunflower House in the end of February of 2012 she was a fit and pretty looking toddler.

Now Lerato is living with her parents again but she’s still in Sunflower Children’s Hospice program.








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